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Patrick Lambert settled in 1990, expanded the farm in 1994, created his vintage “Vieilles Vignes” in 1995, and obtained his first favorite of the Guide Hachette des Vins with his “96”. It confirms its know-how by obtaining a second favorite for its Vieilles Vignes 2002.

However, he keeps his head well on his shoulders and restructures his estate in 2005 to conserve only 6 ha 35 of his best terroirs.

In 2002, he creates a new vintage of red wine “Ame d’Antan”, then, in 2007, his cuvée “Gourmandise”.


Method of culture

In order to respect the environment, Patrick Lambert practices organic farming.

Control of yields by debudding (to limit the number of clusters per vine) allows a better quality of the harvested grapes. Soil maintenance is done by natural plowing or grassing depending on the plots.

The entire estate is harvested by hand.


Winemaking and aging

The farm is equipped with a cellar installed between thick walls of tuffeau, and cellars dug in the rock, with barrels of oak and chestnut. The aging takes place peacefully in its cellars, sheltered from the trepidation of modern life.

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