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Located in the South of Graves…


The appellation and town of Cérons is located within the southern Graves region in Bordeaux. It is devoted to the production of sweet Cérons wines, which are grown and produced in the same manner as the larger neighboring sweet wine regions of Sauternes and Barsac.


The vineyards at Château Huradin encompass
17 ha in the Graves AOC, for which they produce red and white Graves wines. Within the village of Cérons, two and a half hectares of old Sémillon vines are devoted to the production of sweet Cérons white wines. After three very time and work consuming selection passes, the wine is fermented and aged in tanks without oak.

The resulting wines present an alluring nose of honey and acacia, followed by a touch of apricots. In the mouth it evokes lemon confit, with the sugar and acidity blended very well.


There is life in Château Huradin Cérons, and for instant gratification you can drink them as soon as they are released from the château, or for the best pleasure, it is best to wait at least 10 years.

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