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Geyerhof is located in Lower Austria (Niederösterreich) in the wine-growing region Kremstal. The farm was first documented in the 12th century and has been owned by our family ever since the 16th century. Ilse and Josef Maier have cultivated 23.0 hectares of vineyards here according to organic regulations since 1988. Since 2015, Maria & Josef, the next generations have joined the family business.


Organic cultivation, manual harvest and minimal intervention in the winemaking process lead to wines of authentic character that reflect the uniqueness of the vintage, the terroir, and the grape variety.


Wine is the focus of daily life at Geyerhof. Joy and respect for life determine our actions.


organic viticulture

Organic viticulture is the greatest challenge among our efforts to increase quality. It is often like walking a tightrope without a net. It demands deep knowledge, tremendous sensitivity and it requires willingness to take great risks.


Organic cultivation is more than simply the abstinence from chemicals. A prerequisite is the knowledge that the laws of nature are immutable. Recognizing these laws and living with them has been a matter of course for thousands of years. It is a constant balance act between nature and civilization. In practice this requires meticulous and exacting handcraft. A small mistake, a small omission in the course of a wine year can have disastrous consequences. Vines can only thrive in the long term in healthy soils and only then can terroir truly be expressed in the wines. The very foundation for exceptional wines is the vineyard – there is nothing essential than can be added in the cellar.


The know-how that we have acquired in organic viticulture over the last 25 years has been achieved with courage and patience and has also been financially costly. The resulting experience is in the end, reflected positively in the quality of the wines.

...Organic cultivation is 
   morethan simply the 
   abstinence from chemicals...


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