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Colfondo Anfora

Naturalmentefrizzante rifermentato in bottiglia

Colfondo Raboso


The birthplace of Casa Belfi organic wines is San Polo

di Piave, in the province of Treviso, where the river soon

meets the sea. However, what really sparked off the creation

of the Casa Belfi organic wines was when Albino Armani

discovered a young winemaker from the area named

Maurizio Donadi.


Their encounter gave birth to an inspiring cultivation and processing philosophy based on respect for natural things and tradition. And here, day by day, we measure up against the rhythm and needs of the vineyards and the grapes both in the fields and in the wine cellar. The effort carries on to the final phase, that of bottling, always following the officially certified procedure for organic growing and organic winemaking.


However, the basis of these procedures is still tradition and Colfondo constitutes a perfect example of handcrafted Prosecco from the Veneto region, characterized by natural, country flavor. This is the same type of sparkling wine that our grandparents used to drink.

“This is the same type of extremely
   tasty sparkling wines that our
     grandparents used to drink.”


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