The Bibich Winery is located in the hills of Skradin,
5 miles east of the idyllic port city of Šibenik along Croatia’s island speckled coast just across the Adriatic from the wine hills of Tuscany. The vineyards are  clearly defined by primitive rock pile walls with rugged plots of soil in the solid limestone hills.


Alen Bibić, learned winemaking from his grandfather, and deserves most of the credit for putting Skradin into international prominence. His main  focus is to continue the tradition of local indigenous grapes including white Debit as well as Babic, Plavina and Lasin, which are relatives of red Zinfandel. Despite the high quality of his wines and the acclaim they have received, Alen believes that the surface is just being scratched.


Alen eats his lunch in the shade of the same tree he sat under as a child while helping his grandfather in the prized Lučica vineyard planted long ago. The vineyard is home to  old vine Debit,the source of the premier white wine of the winery. Located in the hills around the tiny village of Plastovo, the many small plots benefit from the dry, sunny conditions that demand little spraying against molds or pests. At night, the low pressure created by the nearby Adriatic draws cool air from the easterly mountains and dramatically reduces temperatures and imparts a freshness to the wines. Most vineyards are head pruned and all are dry farmed. Yields range between 1 and 2 Kg per plant, and all harvesting is done by hand.

“Croatia’s defender of indigenous vines”


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